Service in Focus - Getting to know the Environmental Health Services Team


Council’s Environmental Health Services team plays a key role in monitoring and enforcing regulations to ensure public health.

Doing everyday things like eating out, visiting your local swimming pool or getting a beauty treatment require rules and regulations around public health to ensure they are good experiences.

When it comes to the ongoing monitoring, education and enforcement of regulations for these types of services in Brimbank, that’s where our Environmental Health Services team steps in.

The team is responsible for protecting public health and they are based at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre.

The City of Brimbank is one of Victoria’s most culturally diverse communities which offers dining experiences that reflect this. Monitoring and enforcing food safety standards at more than 1200 registered food businesses is part of the work of Council’s Environmental Health Services team.

In a year, the team conducts approximately 2000 inspections to monitor and enforce food safety standards.

The Environmental Services Team also plays an important role in the Council’s immunisation program for young children (aged 0-4 years) and school-based immunisation programs. It oversees the effective delivery of approximately 14,000 vaccines each year.

In a move to boost the number of secondary school students getting important immunisations in their teenage years, the Environmental Health Team started the Immunisation Incentive Program.

This program provides secondary schools with targets to meet each year with a financial incentive for the first big and small school to reach their target of having a high return rate of consent cards. In previous years the money awarded to the winning schools has been put towards much needed first aid and sporting equipment.

The Environmental Health Team also helps local businesses understand and comply with changes to laws that might affect them.

In August 2017, laws were introduced banning smoking from all outdoor dining areas across Victoria. Council worked with local businesses and business associations to ensure business owners were aware of the changes and their obligations to comply.

Our Environmental Health Services Department also monitors registered businesses including tattooists, beauty therapists and hairdressers to ensure they are complying with important regulations around public health.

New businesses must register with Council and existing businesses must renew their registration each year. These businesses are inspected before they receive their registration. Going forward they are inspected at least annually to ensure they continue to meet regulations.

When the public go to their local swimming pool they can be assured that the public health standards are being monitored.

The Environmental Health Team conduct regular inspections and surveillance of facilities as well as water micro and chemical sampling throughout the year, in particular in peak swimming months.

All these important services and more are provided by this team made up of environmental health professionals, nurses and service support officers.

Contact the Environment Health Services team

The Environmental Health Services team is located at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine.

Phone: 9249 4000