Snip! Snip! Hooray! It’s National Desexing Month

Show your pets you care! Have them desexed in July and receive a discount! July is National Desexing Month.

Desexing your cat or dog helps keep your pet safe. In Brimbank you must have your domestic dogs and cats over three months old desexed, microchipped, and registered with Council. It's illegal not to.

Registration and microchips makes it easier for a lost animal to be returned to you.

Responsible pet ownership is a community responsibility. You can do your bit by registering your pets, keeping them secure, training them well, and, importantly, being aware of how they interact with people and other animals.

Discounted Desexing
During National Desexing month you can have your pets desexed at a reduced cost, with select vets offering discounts for the month of July.

In Brimbank, participating vets include:

Pet owners should contact these clinics directly to receive a discount on the normal cost of desexing.

National Desexing Network
National Desexing month is an initiative of the National Desexing Network (NDN). This year, the theme is Snip Snip Hooray – Desex your Pet. Don’t Delay!

Cats and dogs are healthier, safer and happier if desexed. Desexed animals suffer less from reproductive related cancers and other diseases. They're also less to roam the neighbourhood where they may be impounded, injured, or get into fights.

Owners often find it easier to care for desexed cats and dogs because they are more homely and affectionate, and less frustrated wanting to get out and find a mate.

For more information about National Desexing month including details of participating vets, visit National Desexing Network.