St Albans revitalisation action plan given go ahead


Council has given the go ahead for an exciting action plan that will guide the St Albans Town Centre to achieve its full potential – including as a food, art and culture capital for Melbourne’s North West.

The GO St Albans Action Plan 2019-2024 is an important part of the GO St Albans place management program that is operating to revitalise the centre.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve said the plan will help turn the thriving St Albans Town Centre into a recognised capital for food, art and culture in Melbourne’s North West.

“We’re very proud of our vibrant St Albans Town Centre with its multicultural ambience and thriving business mix.

“The new GO St Albans Action Plan will help the centre reach its full potential.

“Our vision is that in 2040 the St Albans Town Centre will be known as a welcoming centre and a recognised capital for food, art and culture in Melbourne’s North West.

“The centre will be thriving, dynamic and multicultural – and known as authentic and distinctive across Melbourne.

“St Albans Town Centre will be a place that people will want to visit or work in, to run a business, study and live in,” the Mayor said.

The Go St Albans Action Plan is the road map that will help get the Town Centre to this destination.

Under the action plan, Council will work to ensure the centre is well managed, safe and attractive and an authentic, fresh food centre. Focus will also go on ensuring the centre is well-designed, walkable and accessible, as well as dynamic and innovative.

The action plan provides all key stakeholders - Council, the community, business and property owners and agencies - with an agreed and shared approach to the future management and revitalisation of the centre.

Key actions over the first 12 months will include:

  • Finalising design and starting implementation of the Alfrieda Street Plaza
  • Activation of Princess Street
  • Preparing a St Albans Car Parking Management Plan
  • A continued focus on cleaning and maintenance
  • Working with the St Albans Association Group to expand the current marketing program

Read the GO St Albans Action Plan 2019-2024.