Sunshine Leisure Centre advances swimming pool water quality


Brimbank Council has installed an innovative new water filtration system for Sunshine Leisure Centre, to save energy and water and enable an estimated $20,000 cost saving per year.

The new plastic water filtration system is the first of its kind in Victoria, and only the second installed in Australia. The fully recyclable material will replace a traditional sand filtration system, over which it has many benefits.

The new system cleans pool water using a more efficient and cost effective method to remove micro particles from water. The filter system, unlike sand, never needs to be completely replaced, offering a significant long-term saving.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said the new filtration system had been introduced to reduce energy operating costs and water consumption, and will help provide a better aquatic experience for the community.

“In addition to keeping the pool water clean and fresh for users, the new filtration system reduces water consumption, chemical usage and heating, resulting in overall improved water quality and significant energy savings. It’s a good way to limit our carbon footprint as well.

“The new pool filtration system will help us to improve water quality and in doing so, provide a better swimming environment to be enjoyed by all.

“With almost 580,000 visitors a year to our leisure centres, it’s not hard to see that leisure facilities are important in our community.

“As the warmer weather approaches, we want to encourage the community to get active and visit our leisure centres – it’s a great way to cool off in the heat and improve overall health and fitness,” said Cr Giudice.

The outdoor swimming pools at Sunshine Leisure Centre are scheduled to open to the public on Thursday 1 November 2018.