Sunshine shining brighter! Clarke Street lighting upgrades

Council’s plan to ‘Light Up Sunshine’ is already showing results!

The Clarke Street, McDonald Lane, and Mann Place area is now brighter after dark thanks to new sensor lighting upgrades. Lights have been installed under the shop awnings at nine businesses along Clarke Street, as well as on the rear of businesses that back onto nearby McDonald Lane and Mann Place.

The lighting upgrade aims to be the starting phase of a comprehensive program of lighting improvement throughout the City centre.

The works were funded by a $20,000 grant from the Victorian Government’s Community Safety Fund to Brimbank City Council and the Sunshine Business Association. The lighting project was jointly coordinated by the Sunshine Business Association (SBA) and Council.

The plan to ‘Light Up Sunshine’ was announced by Council last August, and is delivering a program of events and public realm enhancements to improve the vibrancy of the centre and address perceptions around community safety.

Key features include a lighting assessment to help prioritise lighting upgrade works, ongoing maintenance improvements, under awning lighting initiatives and more events both day and night to encourage visitors into the town centre.

Council is working very closely with the Sunshine Business Association to deliver activities and events that celebrate the town centre’s offerings.

Chair of Brimbank Administrators John Watson said that community members and regular visitors to Sunshine’s Clarke Street area would notice an immediate difference.

SBA President Bruce White said that business owners in the area had been keen to improve street lighting to open Sunshine for business at night.