Sunshine Special Rate to benefit businesses


Brimbank Council has decided to renew the Sunshine special rate scheme from July 2018 to fund a program of business-led activities and initiatives promoting Sunshine’s retail, restaurant and business services.

First introduced in 2013, the special rate supports marketing, promotions and business development in central Sunshine.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said the renewal of the special rate is an important way to facilitate the economic development of the Sunshine Town Centre.

“Sunshine town centre is an emerging investment and development destination, with a thriving business mix. It is important that the town centre gets the visibility it needs to continue its economic development journey.

“The special rate makes possible an ongoing program of marketing, promotions and business development initiatives that help improve the commercial viability of the town centre,” Cr Giudice said.

Council has declared the Special Rate scheme for a further five years, to start on 1 July 2018 and end on 30 June 2023, raising over $700,000.

Within the first year the new Sunshine Special Rate will raise over $135,000 for expenditure on marketing and business development initiatives.

Proceeds Used to Encourage Activity

The proceeds of the Special Rate will be provided to the Sunshine Business Association (SBA) to be spent on activities and initiatives that will encourage commerce, retail and professional activity and employment in the town centre.

“We’ve already seen how effective the Sunshine Special Rate has been in creating economic activity and improving the profile of Sunshine over the four and a half years.

“It would not be an exaggeration to say the many popular events and activities funded by the previous special rate scheme have helped put Sunshine on the map. The Sunshine Lantern Festival, the Sunshine Short Film Festival and Sunshine FOOD Fever have attracted tens of thousands of people to the town centre.

Improved Performance for Sunshine

“Economic indicators suggest there has been improved performance of the Sunshine Town Centre over the past four and half years, including an improved business mix, occupancy rates, land values and development approvals.

“We are confident the renewal of the Sunshine Special Rate will continue to create much more economic activity and improve the profile of the area, along with the other activities Council pursues to develop the Centre,” Cr Giudice said.

The decision to renew the Sunshine Special Charge Scheme was made after consulting with owners and occupiers of the properties that will be liable to pay the Special Rate.