Take the lead and make a difference

Ever thought that you could make a difference in your community, if you had the right kind of support? Then the Brimbank Community Leadership Program can set your feet in the right direction, it is a fully subsidised course that gives eligible community members opportunities to strengthen their community leadership skills and participate in practical projects that develop a variety of networking skills. 

Soaring ahead - 2010 Brimbank Community Leadership Program graduate tells her story

Antoinette Ioannou, 44, was a participant of the first Brimbank Community Leadership Program in 2010. Antoinette says the program helped her decide the direction of her career. She has three Victoria University degrees in Small Business Management, Liberal Arts and a Bachelor in Psychology. It wasn’t until she took the leadership program that she knew that a career which enabled her to work closely with the community would be what she loved.

“Having the opportunity to do the leadership course married all the things I’d previously done at university and volunteering over the past years,” Antoinette said.

She added that her friends and peers helped steer her in the right direction. “I was told that when I talked about what I had achieved in the leadership program my face would light up because I loved working with and for the community. I realized that helping others strive to achieve things they required in their community was what I wanted to do.”

Antoinette said that doing the leadership program helped cement her career in working with communities. This in turn led her to apply for a job at Wyndham City as the Disability and Positive Ageing Project Officer where she continues to work with stakeholders, local businesses and community members to help achieve their goals.

 Applicants must be 18 years old or older, and live, study or work in Brimbank.The next intake of Community Leadership Program participants will open in 2015. For further information check out the Brimbank City Council website further information and application forms contact Council’s Community Participation and Inclusion Support Officer Justine Lechucki on 9249 4190 or

Leadership Alumni successful in 2013-2014

The launch of the Brimbank Leadership Alumni has been successful during its trial period, which began in 2013. Made up of participants from Council’s current and previous Community Leadership and Governance programs,  it  provides community members with the opportunity to build their community leadership skills and understanding of local government after their program finishes.

Brimbank Leadership Alumni was established as Council recognised that maintaining effective partnerships with members of the community is central to the development of a strong, inclusive and vibrant municipality.