Thousands of books read by the Reading Buddies @ St Albans Library

The Reading Buddies program at St Albans Library has wrapped up for 2014, with an estimated 144 children having taken part during the school term from March to September this year!

“It was great to see how eager and enthusiastic the kids were each week - it was a really rewarding experience for me.”
Year 11 Ava Maria College student Rebecca S, who volunteered with Reading Buddies.

Together the participants in Reading Buddies read more than 2000 books, or chapters, in the case of older readers.

The final session for 2014 was held at the end of Term 3. After racing through their books in order to collect one lucky last reading prize, young readers and volunteers alike feasted on fruit and freshly popped popcorn.

Thank you to all who took part
A big thank you to the 32 volunteers who helped by ‘buddying up’ with young readers, assisting children to choose a book, listening to or reading to children, helping the children keep track of the books they’ve read and handing out rewards along the way.

Thanks also to everyone who participated, and to all who helped deliver this valuable and necessary program that assists children with literacy and reading. The program supports parents in encouraging and developing young children’s reading skills and has been a great success for the St Albans community.

Some great partnerships have developed between St Albans Library staff, secondary schools in St Albans and Brimbank City Council community service volunteers.

Reading Buddies will return to St Albans Library in 2015 in the new year, so keep an eye out for more news closer to then.