Tips for success when you’re building or renovating

If you’re renovating or building, there are things you can do to help make it a success.

Find out whether you need a building permit

Remember, building permits are required for most construction, alteration or demolition work. As well as ensuring your work complies with regulations, the permit also provides the trigger for mandatory building inspections. All building work must comply with the regulations, even if a permit is not required. Checking with Council to find out if you need a permit before you start work can save you time and money.

Hire a registered building practitioner

In Victoria unless you are acting as an owner builder you must use a registered building practitioner for building or renovating work valued over $5000.

Registered building practitioners have the requisite training, experience and insurance needed to carry out domestic building work.

Consider the benefit of a one stop shop for building permit and building surveying services – with Council

The City of Brimbank provides a full range of building surveying and inspection services for building work within and outside Brimbank, from inception to completion. It’s a competitive one-stop shop solution for you.

Council’s Building Services team comprises of Registered Building Practitioners with extensive experience in all types of buildings and construction methods.

It works as a one-stop shop, offering you the benefit of local knowledge, and a full customer-focused and efficient permit and inspection service.

Being part of the Council’s operations means that clients get the benefit of reliable andongoing services that protect them through to the completion of the job and in the years after.

Services are available for Melbourne’s Northern and Western suburbs, as well as other areas as requested.

Check out the range of building services Brimbank City Council offers and contact Brimbank City Council for a competitive quote

  • Drop in to the Brimbank City Council’s Keilor Municipal Offices, 704B Old Calder Highway Keilor (Melways 14H5)
  • Tel 9249 4603 for general enquiries
  • Tel 9249 4888 for quotes and specific enquiries on services (Deputy Building Surveyor Jeffrey Winbanks)
  • Email:

Engage accredited tradespersons - builder, plumber and electrician

Check with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to find out if your builder or plumber is accredited, or to see if your builder has faced previous disciplinary action.

Plumbers also specialise in different types of work and must be accredited to perform the particular kind of work you need. Your plumber’s accreditations will be listed on the back of their ID card.

In Victoria you should only use a licensed or registered plumber, so ask to look for their official ID card or check their details with the VBA. 

Make sure you use a licensed electrician (check their details with Energy Safe Victoria) and ensure that you are issued with a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Access copies of building permit application forms and more information on how to apply from Brimbank City Council.