Transforming Brimbank Agenda: become the capital of Melbourne’s thriving west


Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve was at Parliament House today to launch the 2020 Transforming Brimbank Agenda.

The 2020 Transforming Brimbank Agenda seeks to leverage record infrastructure investment to improve job, education, and health, environment and fairness outcomes for the City.

Cr Congreve called on all levels of government and the non-government sector to come together to make sure the community of Brimbank and the western region benefits from the significant infrastructure projects in the pipeline.

“We want to create education and employment pathways that boost the local economy, and we want facilities and services, and a clean and green environment that all help to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for our local community.

“The North West City Deal, Sunshine Super Hub, Sunshine Priority Precinct, Western Rail Plan including the $10 billion Melbourne Airport Rail, the $2.1billion Sunbury Line Upgrade are mega city shaping and changing projects.

“These projects have unprecedented potential to create positive, long lasting change in our community and the Transforming Brimbank agenda shows how working collaboratively we can make our city thrive.

“The agenda focusses on jobs, environmental equity, education, health through investment in the St Albans Health and Wellbeing Hub and sports and community facilities.

“Our jobs agenda sets out how we can make sure that projects like the Sunshine Super Hub and Melbourne Airport Rail deliver jobs during and beyond construction. We also want to work collaboratively to deliver education and employment pathways that consider new and emerging professions around the Sunshine Priority Precinct.

“Central to our jobs agenda, and indeed the entire Transforming Brimbank agenda, is calling for an integrated transport strategy that connects our community and the wider region to employment, health and wellbeing, education, environmental and sports and recreation precincts.

“This means looking at all modes and connections and how they work together and ensuring the Melbourne Airport Rail is a fast and efficient service.

“To transform Brimbank we are also seeking investment in sports and recreation facilities including the St Albans Health and Wellbeing Hub and to create a new Home of Football and Home of the Matildas at Sydenham Park.

“Our education agenda seeks to lift education outcomes through investment and planning at every age and stage of learning, and inspire young people about their career opportunities around the Sunshine Priority Precinct.

“Our environmental equity agenda seeks to address the injustices of the past that have left the west more vulnerable to climate change and legacy contamination issues.

“Transforming Brimbank is an ambitious but realistic agenda that Council will be championing to make sure our city realises its potential as the capital of Melbourne’s booming west”, Cr Congreve said.