VU Hanger – Helping Your Business Take Off


The VU Hanger is the premier entrepreneurial space in Melbourne’s west and is Victoria University’s latest endeavour into the startup space.

The VU Hanger is a space where the evidence-based experimental approach of lean startup thinking meets the practical nature of business where salaries and bills need to get paid at the end of the month.

Dedicated to making a significant positive impact on Melbourne’s west the Hanger is open to everyone who is keen to address some of society’s biggest, hairiest and audacious problems.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, academic, staff member or local business owner, all that is required is an inquisitive mind and the drive to talk to customers to identify and analyse their problems.

The three Entrepreneurs in Residence at the Hanger are a diverse bunch with a single common characteristic, they believe in the importance of developing entrepreneurs.

Drop by the Hanger at Metro West 138 Nicholson Street, Footscray for a chat and start your entrepreneurial journey or keep your eyes open for the Hanger’s mobile Startup Truck, bringing the Hanger’s expertise to an area near you!

For more information visit VU Hanger.


This article appears in the Winter Edition of Brimbank Business Link Magazine.