Welcome win for Furlong Park School – We Are Brimbank!


The colourful letter “E’ created by Furlong Park School for Deaf Children as part of the WELCOME sign decorated by local schools, has been voted the community’s most favourite.

Late last year, students from seven local primary schools each decorated a 1.2 metre high letter from the word “Welcome” as part of the ‘Welcome. We are Brimbank’ campaign.

The seven letters together formed a larger than life “welcome” sign that toured Brimbank as part of Council’s festive celebrations last December.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve said it was fantastic to have local schools play a part in the campaign.

“Our ‘Welcome. We Are Brimbank’ campaign is all about sharing our pride in where we live, and showing the world what a wonderful, diverse, vibrant and welcoming home we have.

“As part of this campaign, seven schools were each given a different letter from the word ‘Welcome’ and invited to decorate it with artwork that celebrates our culturally diverse and welcoming community.

“The students and teachers did an amazing job, producing artworks that are vibrant, beautiful and diverse – just like our community.

“We’d asked our community to tell us which letter they loved most, and the verdict is in.

“Congratulations to Furlong Park School for Deaf Children for winning the viewer’s choice. Congratulations also to each of the schools that took part for doing a fantastic job,” Cr Congreve said.

Teacher and Visual Arts Specialist Andria Mavrikakis from Furlong Park School for Deaf Children said the program was a great opportunity to demonstrate to students that art is a form of communication that can bring diverse communities together.

“Our students eagerly embraced the challenge to design and create the letter ‘E’ that would capture Brimbank’s welcoming nature and cultural diversity.

“The project slowly developed through creative discussions with all students from different year levels. Our students collectively decided to paint the letter ‘E’ in yellow to best capture the word ‘WELCOME’, because they agreed that the colour yellow signified warmth, fun, happiness and friendliness.

“Our students decided on the butterfly to represent our unique school community, because a senior student discovered that the word or sign for “butterfly” in Auslan (Australian sign language) is also the same hand shape for the word ‘WELCOME’.

This realisation made the decision to go with the butterfly design definite. All students across the school were represented on the letter ‘E’, making their own 3D butterfly that symbolized their own uniqueness,” Ms Mavrikakis said.

The WELCOME letters were decorated by Deer Park West Primary School, Furlong Park School for Deaf Children, Jackson Primary School, Keilor Primary School, St Albans Primary School, Sunshine Primary School, and Sydenham - Hillside Primary School.

“Thank you to all the schools for their wonderful work – we loved all the letters!” Cr Congreve said.