Wood Burning Heaters – How to use them efficiently


It’s that time of year! Winter's approaching and wood heaters will start to fire up. But what can you do to eliminate unnecessary air pollution?

When they're used incorrectly wood burning heaters emit more pollutants/smoke and use fuel inefficiently.

Here's some simple rules to get a hot fire burning quickly and efficiently.

When starting a fire

  • Use plenty of paper and small, dry kindling under the wood to get to get a good fire.
  • Air intake on heater should be left fully opened for at least 30mins after lighting.
  • Leave at least 2cm between pieces of wood.

Keeping it going effectively

  • Reload wood regularly but don’t overfill.
  • Keep fire burning brightly.
  • Build small fires regularly and provide lots of air rather than one large fire.

Check chimney for smoke, if there is smoke coming out of chimney, your heater is not burning efficiently, some light smoke should not last longer than 20 mins.

Never let your fire smoulder overnight.

Choosing wood

  • Make sure it is dry and well seasoned. Unseasoned wood contains moisture which reduces the burning temperature and causes smoke.
  • Purchase wood from a reputable firewood supplier.
  • Hardwood such as mallee and redgum are preferable to softwoods.

Store wood correctly

Store it under a roof to keep it dry. Stack wood loosely off the ground in a criss-cross manner.