Young Citizens’ Jury to decide plan for youth engagement


Young people in Brimbank will help decide just how they want their voices to be heard by participating in the Brimbank’s Young Citizens’ Jury next week.

The Young Citizens’ Jury will bring together young people committed to ensuring that the opinions of youth are sought, considered and acknowledged when Council decisions are made.

Brimbank residents John Ly and Julianne Nguyen have been working as part of a group to organise the event that will bring together 20 young people to find a way to influence local government decisions on issues that affect young people.

St Albans resident, Julianne Nguyen, said young people offer a different perspective to decision making.

“Young people can help the community grow, be progressive and adapt. It is important to consider intergenerational collaboration for sharing ideas.

“I would like to see young people take charge, and run events, speak up about current issues and to freely express themselves,” said Ms Nguyen.

Urban planning student, John Ly, says he hopes that the Young Citizens’ Jury process will give voice to young people in Brimbank who are concerned with jobs, education opportunities and transport.

“The process has the potential to lead to greater engagement with young people living in Brimbank,” said John.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice, said the process is designed to enable Brimbank to implement a creative and responsive participation and engagement model.

“One third of Brimbank residents are aged under 24.

“These children, teenagers and young adults have interests in local economy, education and training and social issues.

“Many of the decisions made by Council affect the lives of these children, teenagers and young adults, so it’s imperative they are consulted and engaged in planning processes that affect them now or in the future.

“We are involving young people in every step of the process to develop a model of community engagement dedicated to young people and their thoughts on the future of Brimbank.”

The Young Citizens’ Jury will take place on 5 and 6 April 2018, with the recommendations of the group presented to Council on 11 April 2018.