Your recycling's in the bin. What happens next?

Our Environment Team took a quick trip to the SKM Recycling Plant in Coolaroo. It's where all of Brimbank's collected recycling goes for sorting. Here's a few facts, stats and tips they brought back!

SKM Recycling

  • SKM processes approximately 1000 tonnes per day of materials
  • Tonnage increase to 1200-1300 tonnes per day over the christmas/new year period
  • SKM has 14 conveyor belts for recycling and sorting materials
  • Employs approximately 100 staff
  • SKM has four recycling facilities: Coolaroo, Mornington, Laverton, and Geelong

Recycling Facts

  • A Coke bottle has 6 different plastics and it all can be recycled!
  • Major sources of contamination in Brimbank's recycling are: plastic bags, clothes, bricks, wood, pillows, nappies, gas bottles, and garden waste.
  • 10% of collected recycled material is sorted as waste and goes to Boral Landfil. We're improving! It's down from 13.4%
  • Aluminium is the most sought after commodity as it generates the highest dollar value
  • Glass is sorted by colour: green, flint (clear), and amber (brown)
  • 50% cardboard product is recycled locally through VISY (they also accept plastic number 1 PET)
  • Rigid plastic containers such as pot plant containers, plastic toys, kitchenware, buckets can now be recycled
  • Majority of the baled products goes to export markets (China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Jakarta)
  • All glass is processed locally at Spotswood.


  • The best way to recycle plastic bottles is to squash them and put the lids back on. This lets the recycling trucks get more in and carry more away!
  • You don't need to wash your tins/bottles/containers. Save water instead!
  • You can recycle your beer bottle lids! They're extracted by powerful magnets.

Don't Put These in Your Recycling!

  • food waste/scraps
  • plastic bags
  • soft plastics - shrink wrap, bread bags, plastic wrapping from clothes or nappies
  • lawn clippings, branches and leaves
  • polystyrene
  • nappies
  • bricks/wood/rubble/concrete
  • ceramics/crockery
  • pyrex/cookware
  • chain/rope/string/fishing line/electrical wire: it clogs up the sorting machines!
  • clothing
  • wire coat hangers


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